Start a Team!

This information is being provided to assist in the formation of Envirothon Teams by the Area 3 Education Committee. It should be used as a helpful guide.

Please contact your local Soil & Water Conservation District for further assistance.

Find your members:

  • 3-5 students from the same middle/high school, non-traditional school, or youth organization such as 4-H, FFA, science, or Envirothon clubs

  • Two optional alternates allowed – compete on mock alternate team

  • At least one volunteer advisor

  • An optional coach/resource provider (District employee)


  • Choose a team captain

  • Start training and team building

  • Meet as a team regularly to study materials

  • Field trip opportunities to gain field experience

  • Review sessions and mock competitions

March-April: Area Competition

April: State Competition

July: NCF-Envirothon

For rules: Competition Rules

For team study resources: Team Study Resources

Upcoming workshops & events for teams & advisors: Events & Workshops