Competition Rules

Area 3 Envirothon Rules

Revised 6.6.2017

1.       High school students in grades 9 through 12 are eligible to compete as a team and middle school grades 5 – 8 are eligible to compete as a team.  Middle school teams will compete separately from high school teams.

2.       All team members must be from the same school unless they are from a local home study group, Scout group, 4-H group, etc.

3.       Each team will consist of no more than five members and two alternates.

4.       Teams must be accompanied by a team advisor and/or a Soil & Water Conservation District representative at the day of the competition.

5.       The Advisors MAY go with their team during the morning session.  However, during the afternoon testing session, the advisors may NOT go to the stations with the teams.  There will be an informational Teacher Workshop for teachers, advisors and interested guests.

6.       The advisors shall not assist their team in any way during the actual competition.

7.       Advisors will be responsible to assure that teams display proper conduct during the competition and at the host facility.

8.       Drugs and alcohol are NOT permitted during any part of the competition. (Rules applicable to the local area will be adhered to)

9.       No clothing or other identification of local schools, towns, cities, or counties will be permitted.

10.    All identification keys to be used will be furnished by the Area III Envirothon Committee.  Biltmore sticks used in the competition will be provided to the teams at the Forestry Station.

11.    The winning team will be the team with the highest cumulative point total.  Certain questions will be pre- selected as tie-breakers.  The tied teams will have their pre-selected questions compared until the tie is broken.

12.    Rules & regulations of the Envirothon are subject to change.  Any and all changes will be explained in advance to all teams and advisors.

13.    No advisors and spectators allowed in testing areas.

14.    Once the teams are registered on the day of the event, alternates may not be substituted for team members unless it is an emergency.  (Names listed on the pre-registration form may be changed prior to the event)

15.    All grievances must be reported before final judging and the judges’ decisions are final on all events.

16.    Only seven teams from Area 3 can advance to the state competition and each team must compete at an Area Competition before they are eligible to go to the state competition.

17.    Each Area will submit the teams’ medical consent forms and registration forms of the seven teams that are eligible to compete at the state competition to the State Envirothon Coordinator as soon as possible after the Area Competition.

18.    No electronic recording or taping, digital cameras, or picture taking during the station training.

19.    Students present during the Envirothon competition must be with their team or with a supervising adult (advisor or an Envirothon guide).  If a student(s) separates from their team, without supervision, they will be asked to “sit out” the rest of the competition and will not be allowed to rejoin their team.

20.      A maximum of  3 teams in addition, up to three FFA teams per school may enter the Area competition.  If a school consists of grades that include both middle and high school (grades 5 – 12), then the school may have a maximum of 3 middle school teams and 3 high school teams in addition to 3 FFA teams.

Violation of these rules can result in the disqualification of a team.

DISCLOSURE:  State & NCF-Envirothon Rules may be different.  If those requirements are not met by your team, they may still compete at the Area 3 Envirothon but may not be able to be the official winning team to advance to the State or NCF competition.  

Please refer any questions regarding rules to your local Soil & Water Conservation District representative.