DEADLINE Feb. 15, 2019

Area 3 Envirothon March 26, 2019 

Please click on the team information page for more 2019 Envirothon information and registration details.

All resource information has been updated this year.  Please make sure your team utilizes these new resources when preparing for the Envirothon competition.


The Envirothon program is a hands-on environmental and natural resource competition for middle and high school students. The program will test student teams on their knowledge and awareness of environmental issues. The Envirothon curriculum provides comprehensive hands-on training in ecology and natural resource management while emphasizing teamwork. Areas of study incorporate 5 major subjects: Aquatics, Forestry, Soils/Land Use and Current Environmental Issues.
The Envirothon program helps develop environmentally aware youth, able to assume future leadership roles. Many students go on to pursue careers in environmental law, natural resource management, etc. or go on to be doctors, lawyers and more with a background and understanding about nature and the environment.

For State Envirothon information visit: NC Envirothon
For National Conservation Foundation Envirothon information visit: NCF - Envirothon